Daintree photos

Photos for the upcoming workshop at JCU in the Daintree
Coral sea  Sunset at CapeTribulation Crane  The canopy crane Gas exchange  Using gas exchange equipment up a tower Mangrove  Mangrove growing by the sea
Reefs  Shallow "reefs" Soil CO2 LiCor  Using a LiCor soil carbon dioxide system Stinger sign  One of those signs that combined with crocs makes swimming pools look pretty good Cape Trib beach  Along the beach to cape Trib'
A day at the office  Looking past one of the labs Accommodation plus some facilities  The site is a mixture of accommodation, labs and services At the beach  On the beach again Camp Goanna  This did not prove to be a receptive student ...
Crossing the Daintree River  The ferry to cross the Daintree River between the observatory and Cairns Dragonfly and Wait a While palm  A lovely dragonfly sits beside a scarily hooked wait-a-bit palm Even the instructors get a bit tired sometimes  At quiet moments even the instructors need a rest! Looking back from the gondola  Looking back from the gondola on the canopy crain
Lucas in the reveg' doing gas exchange  Lucas Cernusak uses LiCor 6400s to examine plants  growing in the revegetation area Research by moonlight  The moon rises brightly Surviving instructors  No, it's not Apocolypse Now, it's the instructors! The crabs are a bit bored  Surely the crabs could do something more useful?
Toward the mouth of the Daintree  Looking toward the mouth of the Daintree again Wide view of observatory  A view of the observatory from the meadow below it