BioIsotopesWorkshop Daintree 2016
A collection of photos of the workshop and people
Everybody happy and educated!
Sometimes there is no substitute for effort
Bad students were made to take soil cores day after day
The board walk near Cape Tribulation
Student presentation on samples from workshop members
This projector produces an impressive range of colours
Cloud over the hills behind the centre
A wonderful venue
A surprising amount of life in and around the stream
Droughting experiment not a home for hydrophobic hobbits
It's Ctrl X up arrow to activate the laser
Looking toward the sea in the morning
Nice pure white ... cellulose
I can't believe that you guys thought I was serious
Hard to believe in such sterility in a rain forest
Close up of a tree core
Weighing her fingernails - attached
The tag stating 'This is not a toy' fell off
The hard way to design a pizza
Hil's been into the drink again
Getting to the heart of the matter
It's a lot of work for a little bit of tree
How could ANYBODY make that mistake
Excellent kitchen facilities
Lunch group 1
Lunch group 4
Lunch group 2
Lunch group 3
Lunch group 5
Much of the time was taken up by lectures
Big toaster, little John Evans
A panorama
Group photo during the excursion
After this we ate kale chips and sang Kum ba ya
Part 2 of the rainbow