Biosphere Workshop 2015

Random pics from the 2015 workshop at University of Sydney
IMG 8023  Checking on plant growth IMG 8031  Dinner on the balcony IMG 8039  The workshop location in Cobbity IMG 8040  In the teaching area
IMG 8041  Dr. Barbour giving a sweet talk on carbon. IMG 8046  Dr. Graham Farquhar (one of the “isopopes”) giving his take on diffusional limitations theory. IMG 8050  Emergency coffee deliveries IMG 8064  Part of the FACE experiment at Western Sydney University - open enriched CO2 chamber.
IMG 8072  Hearing about the FACE experiment IMG 8073  Another view of FACE at WSU IMG 8074  Just a little bit of carbon dioxide for FACE IMG 8075  Kwality Indian Curries for dinner. So. Much. Food. Must. Stop.
IMG 8077  And no Stable Isotope course is complete without a late night measurement and balance session. Here Stefan is weighing out hair samples for C and N isotope analysis. We’re pretty sure Julian (Ultra-vegan) is going to plot just above algae. IMG 8082  Day 4 was more lectures and preparing and processing samples. Here a student preps roots in a coffee grinder before putting them into a ball mill. IMG 8089  Grinding samples for analysis. IMG 8095  The soil respiration partitioning experiment in the controlled environment facility (CEF). Thats a lot of flow regulators…
IMG 8097  The French guard their wine aggressively. Pascal was enjoying the end of a long day. IMG 8106  Fruit bats fly by in the evening IMG 8126  Sunset over the Cobbity countryside IMG 8128  Francesca talks a about n-alkanes and stable isotopes and the PETM.
IMG 8134  Picnic lunch on the balcony IMG 8137  Some go well - some don't ... IMG 8144  The soils group going over data, calculating soil/root fraction contributions to total soil respiration. IMG 8146  Me (Nathan) supervising students. Hard work for a Saturday.
IMG 8152  According to 15N I’m the top predator in the class and Julian is just above algae. IMG 8171  After the pub, there is still work to do, late into the evening. IMG 8175  Preparing talks before presentations in the morning. IMG 8212  A big thank you to Margaret Barbour for organizing and leading the SIBS workshop. She did a great job and everyone walked away greatly enriched (that’s an isotope joke).
IMG 8214  Students relaxing before the trip back to Adelaide. IMG 8215  The two Richards in the class, also known as R-squared. Nathan Looking Serious  It's hard to believe THAT was in the salad at lunch ... group-photo-excursion  Group photo at the Western Sydney FACE
IMG 7949  University accommodation at Cobbity IMG 7954  Lined up to learn ... IMG 7959  Hilary Stuart-Williams explains the mysteries of life, the universe and isotope mass spectrometers. IMG 7963  Jon Evans cheerleading for isotopes
IMG 7973  A great dinner at Barenz, from left to right, Richard, Doña Ana, Eliza, Briany, Courtney (I’ll learn everyone’s last name’s tomorrow, ha!) IMG 7991  Dr. Claudia Keitel explaining the IRMS. IMG 7995  Xin Song discussing one of the lasers IMG 8007  It's all about growing
IMG 8020  They need more water for really good mud pies